Your Gift Matters – North Texas Giving Day 2022

Senior and young holding hands outside

CK Family Services is no stranger to North Texas Giving Day and has actively participated for about a decade. In 2009 when North Texas Giving Day was created by Communities Foundation of Texas the intent was, “to empower every person to give back to their community by supporting local nonprofits and causes they care about in one easy-to-use platform.” What started as a local event to kick off the giving season and help a few people out, has turned into the nation’s largest community-wide charity event that’s impacted thousands of organizations and raised millions of dollars.

Over the years we’ve gotten our share of the pie of fundraising and giving. Year after year we’ve tried new and creative strategies to inspire the generous heart inside of everyone. We have done all-day live broadcasts on social platforms and podcasts. We have set up small productions and gotten creative with graphics and crafts; and we have even sent maybe one too many emails (sorry!) with our best compelling story. However, due to our efforts, and the character of our team and the people that support us, we have never come out disappointed on North Texas Giving Day.

Our gratitude isn’t derived by the numbers. In fact, our gratitude is derived by seeing people we may not know well give out of the kindness of their heart when there are so many other options. Each year in the midst of work-life, home-life, and the millions of messages vying for our attention daily, CK Family Services staff, families, and supporters show up for us like a call from an old friend in times of need. 

It’s easy to want to help, but it’s different to actually help. Fortunately, CK Family Services staff, families, and friends are the difference makers. When you give through us, you give to children who have experienced more loss than most of us can fathom. And you give them more than just clothes, or a service – you give them a chance.

Right now, until the end of the day today (September 22, 2022) you can double your donation and give more kids in your community a chance by giving at

Don’t wait, donate.


(Updated September 23, 2022)

Thank you for helping us hit our North Texas Giving Day goal! CK Family Services friends, families, and staff – your generous spirit not only helped us meet our goal, but also helped us EXCEED IT!

Thanks to a match from two generous board members, and all your giving, sharing, and fundraising, we raised (drumroll please)…



We couldn’t do this without you and you inspire us! Because of your generosity, we will continue the mission of helping children and families in our communities heal.