Women’s History Month – A Letter to Social Workers


Women’s History Month is a time to honor her story, and this year’s 2022 National Women’s History theme is, “Women Providing Healing, Promoting Hope.”

It is such a time as this we’d like to give tribute to our caregivers and social workers. Specifically, we’d like to thank and appreciate all the women working with us to improve the foster care system one child at a time.


Dear “Miss,”

Your daily routine mirrors the selfless love modeled to us by Christ. You wake up every morning with a servant’s heart and ready to give sacrificially.

Nobody knows all that you do, how much you’ve given, and what it’s truly like to be in your shoes. Yet, you love on children who are not your own as though they are. You honor their past and guide them to a better future with your kindness, wisdom, and training.

When you opened your heart to aid with foster care or adoption, you created an environment for positive change. Your vehicles shuttle kids from all walks of life, your offices are safe places for tears to flow freely, and your homes shelter kiddos from a world that treated them unfairly.

As a result, future generations can look back on their story, and note it was a turning point in their history.

Thank you for what you have done and what you are doing. Thank you for being the heroes in our story.


CK Family Services