5 Tips to Prepare for a Foster Care or Adoption Home Study

5 Tips to Prepare for a Foster Care or Adoption Home Study

Follow these 5 tips to prepare for a foster care or adoption home study.

Tip 1 – Take a deep breath, relax, and welcome the home study writer into your home.

CK Family Services wants to help qualify you as a foster and/or adoptive family.  Our home study writers are real people, just like you.  You’ll find they are friendly and polite and they will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Tip 2 – Use the checklists we share with you.

CK Family Services provides several checklists to help you prepare for the foster care or adoption home study.  Step through them prior to our visit making sure that you have things in order. Remember to reach out to us if you need additional help.  We want to help!

Tip 3- Prepare your bedrooms.

Bedroom space is key.  Take time to set up the bedrooms you plan to use so that they are not just empty rooms.  Put an appropriately sized bed and a plan for storing clothing in the bedrooms.  If you have a wide range of ages on your radar, demonstrate that you have the ability to set up an appropriately sized bed.  This might look like having a twin bed in the room but having a pack-n-play or crib ready to assemble should a younger child be placed in your home.  Travis goes into more detail on this in the video, so be sure to watch it.

Tip 4 – Clean up a little bit, but don’t go crazy.

The tip here is really, be you.  We want to see your home in the condition you prefer when company comes for a visit.  Travis says it well in the video, we get a little nervous when things are seemingly too perfect but we are hoping we don’t walk into an episode of house hoarders either.  Clean to the point that you feel comfortable so you won’t be obsessing about it during the visit.  You will want to focus on having a great conversation with our home study writer.

Tip 5 – Don’t over think it!

We are looking for real people who are willing and able to make a real commitment to care for real children with real needs.  We can be pretty flexible and you’ll find that we can help you work through most items we may find that are problem areas.  We want to help you help us in caring for our kids.

If you have not already, be sure to watch this video for the details behind these tips.  Share this post with anyone you feel would benefit either directly via email or on your social media.  Our website has some information about becoming a CK Family including a convenient form and phone numbers to help you get connected with our team.  Also, be sure to head over to our YouTube Channel and subscribe by taping the red subscribe button to get notifications when we post new videos.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about fostering and adopting children. We look forward to speaking with you soon!