Way up above Whoville on Mount Crumpets crest, two birds resided in who style nests.

Neither was feathered to count much to you.  One girl had one, the other had two.

The two-feathered lady was Lola-Lee-Lou.  Gertrude had uno, just half of two.

They didn’t know some had feathers galore.  They only knew Lola had clearly one more.

They fussed and they argued and a ruckus they made and then they decided a game must be played.

On Crumpets lone apex they stood face-to-face to see which one’s feathers could clear snow from the place.

Lola, she thought, what can Gertrude do?  She has only one feather and I have two!

Lola-Lee-Lou gave it her best. She cleared all the snow and flopped in her nest.

Gertrude looked round and thought, “heavens sake,” there is nothing to move, not even a flake.

Then from the corner of her Whobird eye, there was one tiny flake that nobody spied.

Gertrude lifted her feather with strength and with pride and blew off that snowflake, right off Crumpets side.

Lola laughed out loud and yelled, “What did you do?” You didn’t come close to me and my two!

But much to the Whobirds total surprise, something large happened in front of their eyes.

That one tiny flake turned into two and soon we would see what one feather could do.

Those two flakes joined and made a big bunch and together they grew and packed quite a punch.

Rolling and rolling they crashed down the hill and what was once one became a big deal.

Down upon Whoville the avalanche came.  All Whos were safe but scared just the same.

Lola-Lee-Lou and Gertrude McFuzz had argued and fought and caused a great buzz.

Lola and Gertrude now clearly knew what truly might happen with a feather or two.

To bring a big change to Whoville town, it takes a small flake to come tumbling down.

Then Lola and Trudy they thought something strange.  Could life be like snowflakes when making a change?

Could big change not be so scary, so big and so grand? Could taking small steps be the demand?

Like Giant tsunamis from butterfly wings, could one small decision be the real thing?

So the two Whobirds thought from their heart.  To make a great change it starts with a start!

There is the secret for me and for you.  Just take the first step:

one feather or two!