Meet CKFS Board Member, Matt Rinker

Meet Matt Rinker, a local businessman driven by a profound sense of purpose and community. As President of Buckman Properties and co-owner of Careington International, Matt’s leadership extends far beyond the boardroom. His journey with CK Family Services began through a deep-rooted friendship with our CEO Daniel Lund, spanning back to their college days. Recognizing an opportunity to fuse his business acumen with his charitable aspirations, Matt eagerly joined the CKFS Board, bringing with him a wealth of experience in communication, problem-solving, and process improvement.

Reflecting on his nearly four years of service on the board, Matt describes it as a welcoming and unified environment, where members are aligned in their dedication to supporting children and families in need. His commitment to the cause goes beyond board meetings; Matt has generously named CKFS as one of the benefiting charities of the annual Frisco Charity Car Show—an event close to his heart and inspired by his father’s passion for automobiles.

The Frisco Charity Car Show, now entering its fourth year, has evolved into a vibrant community event, drawing car enthusiasts and families alike. Held at the Careington International office, the show not only celebrates classic cars but also serves as a platform to raise funds and awareness for CK Family Services. Matt’s vision of turning the showroom into a charity museum has created a unique space where guests can connect with the mission of CKFS while admiring the impressive car collection.

For Matt, philanthropy is not just about writing checks; it’s about leveraging his passion and connections to support meaningful causes like CKFS. He emphasizes the importance of addressing the needs of children, particularly those in foster care, and is dedicated to expanding the donor base to provide vital resources and opportunities for these vulnerable individuals.

Reflecting on giving to CKFS, Matt says, “CK is an easy conversation. It’s people that are there for the mission, and they’re there for the kids, and they’re helping thousands of kids, right in our backyard. They’re doing the most good for the children who need it the most.”

Inspired by stories of the children in CK’s care, Matt’s compassion and commitment shine through. While he may not witness their struggles firsthand, he is deeply moved by their resilience and the impact CKFS has on their lives. With unwavering faith and determination, Matt and his fellow board members are steadfastly working to build a brighter future for the children and families served by CK Family Services.