Leaving a Legacy, Black History Month – Mrs. Miller

Midlothian ISD

The rapid growth of Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex comes with the need for new schools.  One of the newest elementary schools is Larue Miller Elementary in Midlothian, Texas.  Named after local educational legend, Mrs. Miller.

Mrs. Miller passed away February 3rd, 2022.  I knew her from church.  On weekends that she couldn’t get to her church out of town, she would be on the right side of the building about 5 rows back.  She always had a smile on her face and displayed a quiet and gentle nature.

Mrs. Miller was the youngest of six children and when asked if she was spoiled, she just said, “No, I just got everything I wanted.”  She graduated from high school in 1945 and from Paul Quinn college in 1949.  That year she began to teach in Midlothian in the segregated school, Booker T. Washington. After integration in the 60s, she stayed in Midlothian and taught under another local hero, WWII veteran, T.E. Baxter.

Mrs. Miller taught three generations of students over the course of 45 years. After retiring in 1994, she remained active with the Midlothian Education Foundation, and visited students at Larue Miller Elementary on the first day of school and last day of school.

Mrs. Miller was a tremendously gifted educator and fantastic human being.  She was beautiful both inside and out.  She made a major difference in Midlothian, TX and witnessed historical change first-hand. In a book full of memories from her former students.  She said:

 Midlothian ISD

“You must first be who you really are and then do what you need to do
in order to have what you need and want in life…smiles and trials
will come and go; your true self should always shine.”