Experience the Magic of Spring in Texas: Bluebonnet Season Meets a Total Eclipse

Experience a season of wonder and enchantment this spring as Bluebonnet Season converges with the celestial spectacle of a total eclipse, creating memories that will last a lifetime.  

Did you know that Texas holds the distinction of being the first state to adorn its highways with wildflowers? Thanks to the visionary efforts of Ladybird Johnson, wife of President Lyndon B. Johnson, who championed the beautification of highways, the scenic landscapes of Texas have been dotted with a rich tapestry of wildflowers since 1965. Among these, the Bluebonnets reign supreme as a perennial favorite among Texans. Yet, few are aware of the controversy that once surrounded the designation of our treasured state flower. 

Bluebonnets, also known as Buffalo Clover, were officially declared the State Flower of Texas in 1901. While their origins were fabled to be from Spain, the two primary varieties are native to the state. The delicate and dainty Lupinus subcarnosus graces the sandy hills of coastal, eastern, and southern Texas, while the showier Lupinus texensis blankets much of central Texas with a showier, bolder bloom. The debate over which species deserved the esteemed title raged for over seven decades until it was settled in 1971 when the State Legislature expanded the designation to encompass all species of bluebonnets as legitimate recipients of the State Flower distinction.  

As Bluebonnet Season approaches, families eagerly anticipate donning their springtime best and venturing into blooming fields for their annual photoshoots. This Bluebonnet Season offers an extra treat! Texas highways will buzz with activity as visitors flock to witness not only the breathtaking spectacle of our bluebonnets, but also the stunning phenomenon of a total solar eclipse, which will occur on April 8, 2024. Much of central Texas and the DFW Metroplex will be in the path of totality, providing a ringside seat for this natural wonder.  

Make sure to grab your eclipse glasses and plan your viewing spot for this awe-inspiring natural event. Check out this list of Texas festivals to help you celebrate the season: 

  • Bluebonnet Eclipse Festival in Johnson City: April 5-9 
  • Natalia Bluebonnet Festival & Solar Eclipse Event: April 6-8 
  • Burnet Bluebonnet Festival: April 12-14 
  • “Official Bluebonnet Festival of Texas” in Chappell Hill: April 13-14
  • Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival: April 19-21 
  • Fredericksburg Bluebonnet Festival: April 20 

Be sure to check local listings for the latest information on event timings and admission costs.