Revving Up Community Spirit: Highlights from the 4th Annual Frisco Charity Car Show

We are still smiling after attending the 4th Annual Frisco Charity Car Show on Saturday. The event was a spectacular display of muscle cars, classic vehicles, motorcycles, and more models than we could count. Beyond the impressive array of automobiles, we felt encouraged and strengthened by spending the day with our community, sharing the mission and vision of CK Family Services.


Held at the Careington International office, the Car Show serves a dual purpose: celebrating automotive excellence and raising funds and awareness for CK Family Services and the Families of WWII. Careington CEO and CK Family Services Board Member, Matt Rinker, turned the showroom into a charity museum, allowing guests to connect with these important missions while admiring an incredible car collection.

Car enthusiasts marveled at the vehicles on display, enjoyed delicious food, and listened to lively music on a beautiful May weekend. CK staff engaged with attendees, handing out temporary tattoos and soaking in the vibrant atmosphere created by Careington, one of our most valued community partners.

The Frisco Charity Car Show is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of community spirit and a testament to the support we receive from individuals and organizations dedicated to making a difference. We look forward to many more years of this fantastic event and the continued partnership with Careington International.