National Adoption Month: A Conversation With Lauren Hudgeons

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Thank you for joining us! Welcome to another episode of Foster Family Matters with your hosts Shawn Wilson, Ryan North and Lori Fangue. If you don’t already know, we are a foster care, adoption and behavior health non-profit in North Texas.

What Are We Chatting About Today?

Today we have a special guest with us. Her name is Lauren Hudgeons. She is a foster and adoptive parent well as an attorney. Lauren works with kids in the state’s conservatorship. She will be answering various questions that many foster parents have.

Lauren has a passion for supporting other parents going through this. 90 percent of what she does is represent children. On the other side, she has been a foster to adoptive mom twice. She has a wide perspective that encompasses both sides of the process.

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In This Episode

  • Guardian ad litem vs attorney ad litem
  • The legal system moves at its own pace
  • Permanency hearings
  • Primary and secondary goals
  • How Lori got into law and fostering
  • Investing and committing to a child
  • Requirements for termination and best interest of the child
  • What intervention is
  • PMC and what it is
  • Contacting an adoption attorney and when to do so
  • Cost of a CPS adoption


With adoption, you will have various individuals involved in the process, including an agency worker, attorney ad litem, etc. Many people don’t know who shows up when. During this episode, we will cover the different people who will be involved in the process of adoption and when to expect to interact with them. For example, you can expect to see Casa typically each month.

The legal process can be somewhere between intimidating and frustrating. That can stem from a lack of understanding of how things happen. Expectations of how things should happen can cause frustration. Part of the reason the process takes so long is the statutory guidelines.

During the process, there are primary and secondary goals. These can change at any point in the process depending on the circumstances. Another topic of conversation is intervention. An intervention is where the foster parent hires an attorney and becomes a legal party to the suit.

When adopting, it’s important to remember no two cases are the same. There are so many components and moving pieces as well as people. It’s important to solidify realistic expectations. You can’t compare and contrast your situation to anyone else because that can be really unhealthy. The game is the same, but the players are different. Each team is different. Each case is different.

Learn more about the process of adoption, things to be aware of, how Lauren helps clients and so much more during this episode of Foster Family Matters.

Final Thoughts

If you are available to adopt in November, contact Lauren!


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