Teaching Cognitive Skills to Complement Therapy to Children in Need

By March 10, 2022 Uncategorized

Children who have emotional issues when growing up or a particular mental health diagnosis need support. The mission of CK Behavioral Health is to come alongside mental health professionals to complement their therapy by teaching cognitive coping skills to children. CK Family Services is a non-profit offering behavioral health, foster care, adoption, and post adoption services in North Texas. Below, learn how our skills training program can help your child. Complete a CKBH Referral Form today.

Offers Extra Support

In a typical one-hour therapy session, sometimes therapists merely scratch the surface of what is going on internally with a child. Depending on the age of the child and/or what mood they are in on that day, these sessions can be super productive or they can hardly get any work done at all. Our skills training works to support the therapists in their work and offer that extra time to extend the therapy sessions’ goals a bit further and help to make progress faster.

Reinforces Therapy Sessions

Therapists often dive deep with children in order to understand the why behind their behavior. This is the first step in healing from their past and moving forward. With children, this can take quite a few sessions just to tackle one issue. Our skills training partners with therapists to help the children by equipping them with the means to deal with these behaviors when they arise.

Ensures Consistency in Implementation of Therapy Services

Skills training helps to reinforce a therapist’s work in the actual implementation of the skills and coping mechanisms learned. Especially with children, consistency is key. We work with children in conjunction with therapists to help them put what they’ve learned in therapy into practice. In addition, we focus on taking a child from emotionally based coping skills to cognitive coping skills. This is when a child has the ability to think ahead, stop what they are doing from an immediate reaction, and think through how to deal with a particular situation. We work closely with parents to ensure consistency is maintained as much as possible.

Supporting Point 4 Skills Training is Another Way to Help Children Heal Faster

Healing from trauma, mental illness, or emotional issues takes time, which varies for every child. When we work with children on a one-on-one basis for an additional hour every time, we can help speed up the healing so that children can focus on being children once again. This is especially helpful for those who have severe mental health issues and need all the help they can get.


CK Family Services offers behavioral health programs for children in our service areas in North Texas, including our well-respected skills training program. We come to your home where the child feels comfortable and safe to work with them. The frequency of our programs depends entirely on your child’s needs, which can be one hour a week to several hours a day. 

Our programs are developed based on age, and they are age-appropriate, matching the skills and the teaching method with the child’s cognitive ability, so that they can learn the skill and apply it in their life. We use moral reasoning with older children and give them plenty of opportunity to practice. We offer a variety of skills-based programs to help your child succeed. Some of these include Barkley’s Defiant Teen and Defiant Child, Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood, and helping address substance abuse in our Seeking Safety program. If you are interested in any of our skills-based training and you need more information or want to begin with us, contact our team today!