Introducing Our Director of Development – Darla Tate

Darla Tate, Director of Development

Introducing Our Director of Development– Darla Tate

CK Family Services is excited to welcome Darla Tate as our new Director of Development. Darla is charged with enhancing CK Family Services’ fundraising and donation activities. With over a decade’s worth of experience, she is most excited to increase the number of children we can help by engaging with our community partners and nurturing our donor base.


Darla is CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive) certified and has served the needs of our communities in a myriad of ways – including at Susan G. Komen and ACH Child and Family Services. At ACH she was first introduced to children in foster care and children with behavioral health needs. The introduction to and knowledge of the needs among the kids in our communities impacted her greatly.


“I couldn’t even believe I did not know about this,” Darla said. “It impacted me so much that I knew I needed to do something about it.”


Outside of her work, Darla is a Texas native from Beaumont. When she’s not relaxing with a book or spending time with her two children, Jordan and Chandler, she enjoys traveling or playing piano (she’s a classically trained pianist!). 


Darla’s favorite place she’s visited so far is Budapest, Hungary. “I loved the castles and history. It reminds you that America is a baby compared to how old other countries are,” she said.


Additionally, she expressed gratitude to be part of an organization that still keeps God at the center of our mission. To all of the CK Family Services staff, Darla says, “I’m in awe of what you’ve done and what you’ve brought to the table. I’m honored to now be a part of it.”


If you see Darla around, please give her a warm welcome!


Have questions about donating to CK Family Services? Reach out to Darla at