Introducing Diane Partin: Leading the Way as VP of CK Behavioral Health

Headshot or Diane Partin

Allow us to introduce Diane Partin, our Vice President of Behavioral Health at CK Family Services. Diane’s journey in the field of behavioral health has spanned several decades, leaving a profound impact on countless lives along the way. Originally from Maryville, Tennessee, she found her way to Texas over 25 years ago, and she has been making a significant difference ever since.


Diane’s unwavering passion for helping others was ingrained in her since her teenage years. Originally, her outlet to serve others was through music until her journey took an unexpected turn. After a few elective classes while pursuing her master’s degree in music, Diane found herself captivated by psychology and counseling, leading her to completely pivot and align with her calling.


“That spark of helping people as a girl has guided my path, career, and ministry in helping others,” Diane said.


Diane’s professional experience is nothing short of impressive. With a background as a licensed professional counselor supervisor and extensive executive leadership roles in outpatient and inpatient healthcare settings, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her new position. She is no stranger to CK Family Services either. Diane’s husband, a former Vice President of CKBH (our behavioral health department), played a vital role in creating the department from the ground up, further deepening their commitment to the cause. As the new VP of CKBH, Diane’s primary goals revolve around improving access to mental health services for the children and community we serve.


In addition to her personal relation to CKBH, Diane’s personal values and principles strongly align with our mission as well. Her Christian beliefs and conviction that all individuals are created in the image of God underpin her commitment to treating everyone with dignity, love, and compassion.


“I believe that each person has the capacity to have a positive impact on their world and should in the ways they can,” Diane said. “I am equipped as a professional clinician and businesswoman, and those are the ways I serve my community.”


Looking ahead, Diane is eager to further collaborate across departments to explore solutions for healthier, safer, and more healed communities. She enjoys witnessing the growth of the people she previously worked with and is eager to forge new relationships with the team members she will work alongside. Her wealth of experience, unwavering passion, and dedication to transforming behavioral health care make her an invaluable asset to CK Family Services. We are honored to have her on board and anticipate the positive impact she will have on our organization and the communities we serve once again.