Holiday Considerations for Foster Families

Beautiful young mother with her cute little son celebrating Christmas together with their family. Food and Christmas wreath with candles laid on a table.

There’s no doubt that Christmas cheer can feel more like seasonal stress when you’re hustlin’ and bustlin’ throughout December. However before you settle on plans for you and family, consider these 4 easy tips below.


father giving daughter piggyback ride to decorate Christmas tree

Ask and Embrace New Traditions

Your kiddos are far from loved ones this season, so ask them if they have any Christmas traditions he or she would like to do with you. Your child will likely have a different background than you. Consider how you can embrace these differences and incorporate them with your families’ holiday traditions.

Daughter kissing her mother in Santa Claus hat

Observe closely and Be Gracious

For children in foster care, this time of year can feel lonely and call attention to their current lack of normalcy. There may be an increase in challenging behaviors and emotional stress, so a little patience and grace can go a long way. If you’re a CK Family and need assistance during closed office hours, please refer to our on call number.

Young woman with heap of Christmas presents

Plan holiday shopping and Prepare your kiddo

Even with online shopping there are plenty of stores packed with shoppers this season. To help keep your child from being overstimulated, plan your shopping trips in advance and keep them engaged. For example, they can be in charge of checking items off your shopping list.


Christmas decoration with antique teddy bear in santa`s hat with burning vintage lamp and sugar cookies over wooden background

Give age appropriate and comparable gifts

Consider your child’s age when purchasing a toy or game this holiday season and read the instructions to make sure the gift is just right. Additionally, remember to give your kiddos in care comparable gifts to your biological kids. Also remember that any gift a child in care receives is theirs to keep.



Merry Christmas!