portrait of woman

Angela Ensley

is a cornerstone of our foster care department. For nearly a decade, she has graced CK Family Services with her calming presence and expertise to help children and families heal. Beyond being an excellent leader, she’s also an incredible wife, daughter and friend. Angela leads with her core values and character to make an impact on the people we serve.


Born and raised in a suburb of Miami to a tight knit family and community, the importance of healthy relationships was at the center of Angela’s upbringing. Her father was vice-mayor, all her neighbors knew her, and she spent summers on the beach with friends. She never outgrew prioritizing family values and ‘till this day, her best friend is her sister. 


She also said, “I have the best parents a child could’ve ever asked for,” and “my daughter and husband are the joy of my life and the center of my world.”


Taking that family spirit alongside her, as an adult Angela committed her career to working with children. She was a child advocate, daycare center owner, and even a juvenile probation officer. A rekindled relationship with an old highschool-sweetheart-turned-husband brought her to Texas where she’d eventually join CK Family Services.


“When I was searching for a job I narrowed it down to three options, but ultimately I loved what CK stood for and we shared my favorite color,” Angela said.


Angela started in 2013 as an entry level case manager and progressively moved up in leadership. However, her greatest accomplishments are the relationships with families and kiddos over the years. One child in particular she’ll always remember is Kaden.


“When I came to the home Kaden would run out and give me the biggest hugs and just straddle me,” Angela said. “He would embrace me and I felt like I was the greatest person ever.”


Additionally, over the years she has learned to adapt and roll with the punches. As much as Angela “loves a to-do list” she knows her day never goes exactly as planned. Nonetheless, her continuous flexibility allows her to still achieve and set a positive example.


To the rest of the CK Family Services staff Angela says it’s a joy to work here and together. She looks forward to growing in her leadership skills and embodying our CK Family Services’ core values: faith and family.