Don’t Forget Who You Came With

By December 14, 2022 A Spirit of Home. Everyday.

two black girls opening Christmas gifts

In the world of parties, dances, balls and soirées, there is an old phrase quoted in our title. It is important for those attending events to not forget the one they arrived with. It is not a good look and one can cannot anticipate a good outcome if they wander from their partner and ignore their presence. The ride home will not be pleasant and the relationship will likely suffer damage. Cowboys say it like this: “Don’t forget the one who brung ya.”

Likewise, in the world of religious service there is another phrase that says, “Ministry begins at home.” The intent of the saying is to remind those that do public service and especially church workers that what they do outside the home should be reflected inside the home. Many a church worker has done great service for those outside their family only to come home to empty and hurting hearts or even worse, an empty house because they forgot love and service to those closest to them. Many ministers have lost their calling because they forgot their base. It is only logical to recognize that if the system is mortally wounded, so is the ministry and future impact is lost.

So, in this Yuletide season, while we spend time around the tree and around the table with our nuclear families celebrating the holidays, let us also be mindful of our family at CK Family Services. With Gods’ favor and blessing, we are able to do great things together. What a remarkable wonder it is to know that hundreds of children are safe because of our efforts. We truly are:

People united through God to enhance the physical,

emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of at-risk children

and families.

Under the umbrella of our mission statement we must work to maintain our unity. Our schedules are busy, our pressures are many, our requirements are long. However, if we only focus externally and forget our families, our donors and each other, we will eventually pay a high price. Just like families, we must work to spend time together with open agendas, stories, food and laughter. Like loved ones, we need appreciation, words, smiles and hugs. It is important that our base system stay strong together, recognizing and appreciating differences that make us stronger. We must work through various personality types, different approaches and diverse styles in order to keep doing this fantastic work. Just like families, we are better when we are all healthy, fulfilled and have our needs met.

So, let us not forget our base. Let us all keep gratitude in our hearts for all of our donors and let them hear from us! Let us encourage and build up the families that take in our precious children. And let us be aware of every CK employee and do our best to keep everyone healthy and fulfilled. May we sit around the table year-round!

If we remember who we came with, our system will be strong and healthy and we will be better tuned to fulfill our mission. We will all have a sense of intense fulfillment watching our team continually reach our goals one child at a time. A functional system does what it is intended to do. Our system is intended to take care of children and families. If we look after our base, we will have quirks, squeaks and idiosyncrasies but we will continually be blessed in making the world a better place. “Don’t forget who brung ya!”

Merry Christmas.