COO Announcement: Welcoming Jimmy Dominey


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It is with great pleasure that we announce Jimmy Dominey’s promotion to Chief Operating Officer (COO) after serving as the Vice President of Operations and Continuous Improvement for two years. Jimmy’s appointment as COO is a testament to his exceptional leadership skills and his unwavering commitment to the organization’s strategic goals.


Jimmy said, “While I am excited and honored to step into the COO role, nothing much changes. Just as I have been doing as the VP, I am still focused on how our systems, tools, and organizational structure work for us to provide quality services in a way that honors God.”


As Vice President of Operations and Continuous Improvement, Jimmy was instrumental in building a Balanced Scorecard with key performance indicators that guide decision-making and project selection to benefit the children and families we serve. Jimmy also spearheaded the development and launch of the Leadership Academy, which focuses on advancing staff into stronger, bolder leaders. In addition, He led a major internal infrastructure update with the onboarding of Salesforce to create a strong foundation from which the organization can build and gain efficiencies in all of its programs.


Jimmy’s leadership style is grounded in a human-flourishing approach, which prioritizes the needs of the team and focuses on supporting their growth and development. His commitment to this leadership philosophy has created a culture of collaboration and teamwork, ensuring that the organization is well-positioned to achieve its strategic goals.


“I have the pleasure of spending a short time with our new hires at each New Hire Orientation session. There, I explain our consistent mission to unite and enhance the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of others,” Jimmy said. “This can only happen with and through God’s grace.”


As COO, Jimmy will continue to lead the organization with the same level of excellence and dedication that he has displayed in his previous role. During this transitional period and beyond, Jimmy asks all members of staff to lean in and have open and honest communication.


“Whether your role is one that is driving the miles to place a child, entering data for compliance, or directly serving a child and family, I ask everyone here to lean in,” He said. “Second to that, during the minutiae of the day, take the time to communicate your needs or requests clearly so that others can understand your intent and your desires.”


Let us join together to congratulate Jimmy as he continues to guide the organization through servant leadership as our COO.