Congratulating Commitment; Lorie’s 20th Anniversary at CK Family Services

woman in front of window during the fall

Do you remember where you were in 2002? Maybe you were shuffling your then-young kiddos to see the new “Lilo and Stitch” movie, upgrading from a CD player to the latest iPod, or actually shopping at the mall. Well, in 2002 Lorie Gibson was busy becoming one of the first staff members at CK Family Services.

Prior to working at CK (formerly Covenant Kids), Lorie used to work at a home health agency where she met our late founder Bill Lund. The home health agency was bought out and when Lorie began looking for a new opportunity, Bill offered her a position. After an interview with Karen Lund, she started her role on December 9, 2002.

“I joined because I loved his vision for how I can help grow something small, and I love ensuring kids have a safe place,” said Lorie.

Her passion for helping children and families in our community heal only strengthened over her 20 years of tenure. In that period she has held the titles Office Coordinator, Office Manager, Director of Administration, and Executive Administrator. Besides being part of the growth and development of our systems at every stage, Lorie and her husband Jimmy took it a step further and provided respite for foster families as well.

2 decades in the bag has also taught Lorie quite a few nuggets of wisdom she likes to call “Karenisms,” after our founder Karen Lund. Some of her notable Karenisms include, “When working with others I have to be above reproach,” “dress for the job you want, not necessarily the job you have,” and “focus on what’s best for who you’re serving,” Lorie said.

Apart from being a first-hand witness to how the organization has evolved, Lorie derives joy from her day-to-day as well. That includes teaching others and watching them learn, developing friendships, and serving the Lunds.

For families or staff members who have been part of this mission for 5 years or less, Lorie leaves you with this, “God brought you here for a reason. Remember that when it gets challenging to endure what you’re going through.”

Endurance is Lorie’s strong suit. For 20 years and counting, she intends on staying at CK Family Services as long as God has her. “I’m always asking and praying if this is where God wants me to be,” Lorie said. “I’m still here because my assignment is not done yet.”

We hope to celebrate and serve alongside Lorie for many more years to come. Her commitment and service, alongside other devoted families, community partners and staff, helps us heal our communities one child at a time.