CK Partners With Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

CK Family Services has partnered with a Debie Cherian, CPNP (Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner), to assist CK Family Services’ foster families in meeting regulatory medical examination requirements.

In 2018, following a federal mandate, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) and Superior Health Plan (STAR Health) began requiring that children entering foster care for the first time receive a “3-Day Medical Examination”. The 3-Day Exam must be completed within 3 business days (not 3 calendar days) of their initial removal date. Weekends and holidays are not included in the day count.

It is important to note: the 3-Day Medical Examination is in addition to the 30-Day Texas Health Steps physical examination and only applies when a child is initially removed and placed in foster care.

Also, in September 2018, DFPS implemented policies that impose financial remedies upon foster care agencies when children placed through the agency do not receive the 30-Day Texas Health Steps examination timely. When our foster families miss the deadlines for these mandated medical examinations, CK Family Services must pay money back to DFPS which reduces the funds we have to meet the needs of our children and families.

DFPS performs regular and routine checks to ensure that the children placed in CK Family Services foster homes are receiving these examinations as required.

Debie Cherian, CPNP, is providing both the 3-Day and the 30-Day medical examinations at our Plano, Texas office on Mondays and Thursdays. Depending on the circumstances, she may be available on additional days, as needed. CK Family Services foster families should contact their CK Family Services Case Manager for additional details.

For those of you living on the West side of the metroplex, Cook Children’s Fostering Health Program in Fort Worth is also available to complete both the 3-Day and the 30-Day Texas Health Steps medical examinations. The phone number to reach Cook Children’s is 682-885-3953.

CK Family Services foster families are still encouraged to contact their children’s primary care physician (PCP) for appointment availability to get the 3-Day and 30-Day medical examinations completed timely. These additional options are intended to help our families when the PCP is unable to meet the State’s regulatory requirements.

As always, we hope that CK Family Services foster families will maintain open communication with their CK Family Services Case Manager and/or Case Management Supervisor regarding the care of children placed in their home. Should they encounter scheduling difficulties our Case Management staff are happy to help them navigate the issue and ensure the examinations occur in accordance with state regulations.