Celebrating 20 Years – Yolanda’s Commitment to Care

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20 years ago Yolanda Deaton started her new year as one of the first case managers at CK Family Services (CKFS). She was one of about five new hires, did not have any previous foster care or case management experience, and was relatively new to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Even though the pressure was on, she preserved, prospered, and now leads teams of people to do the same.


When Yolanda onboarded with CK Family Services the family-like environment of our organization stood out to her the most. She was desperate for an opportunity to get in a position somewhere where she could feel valued and trusted. On one fateful lunch break, she rushed down to Arlington and hurriedly applied for a new role. Shortly after she was part of the team on December 2, 2002.


“It was kind of a God send,” Yolanda said. 


Back then, CKFS was less than a tenth of our current workforce. In weekly company-wide meetings – all ten people gathered around in faith, fellowship, and commitment to help children and families heal. Consistency and loyalty took the seeds of this ministry and grew it exponentially on those same values – faith and family. All the while, Yolanda grew in confidence and knowledge.


“I was pushed out of my comfort zone when I didn’t really want to,” Yolanda said. “But I learned to ask the right questions and to earn my respect.”


She also collected quite a few other nuggets of wisdom during her tenure. In particular, Yolanda learned how to have difficult conversations and deliver information in a positive manner. Being an adoptive parent herself, intentional word choice and kindness has taken her a long way. So much so that what she was taught by our founder Karen Lund, she now teaches others and does effortlessly.


To anyone who may be dealing with imposter syndrome, doubt, or uncertainty, take a page out of Yolanda’s book and try your best to be consistent. The prosperity you will achieve is on the other side of perseverance.


In short, “stick with it, it gets better” said Yolanda.