Appreciating Our Accountants – Mike Moran, CFO

Picture of man in front of green background

Mike Moran, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Accounting Day was November 10th and we have the pleasure of having a dedicated accounting department led by our Chief Financial Officer, Mike Moran. With a decade of history at CK Family Services, Mike not only watched this organization grow but also led our team of accounting professionals in making sure we have the resources to keep going.

Before Mike was helping our community through his service at CK, he was a part of it. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, his roots are right here in the DFW Metroplex just like our organization. He took an early interest in finance thanks to one of his favorite uncles growing up. From there, Mike became a CPA and eventually settled down at CK Family Services. 

What started as a team of two, Mike and Crystal Hernandez, the accounting department is now a team of nine. While most of us don’t get to interact with them directly, they’re in all the details to guarantee our efforts add up! In addition to ensuring we’re paid in a timely manner; our accounting department reports back to us so we know what we have to work with and help us keep in step with our strategic long-term plans.


Mike said, “[They are] very invested with what we’re doing and they’re always proactive about getting ahead of solutions. What I appreciate the most about them is their diligence and creativity to help push the mission forward.”

Next time you’re filling out a timesheet (when you remember to of course!) or applying for reimbursements, don’t forget our behind-the-scenes accounting department making it all happen. This Thanksgiving season, and all year ‘round, we appreciate our accountants!