Adoption from Foster Care: Every Child Deserves a #ForeverFamily

Every child deserves a #ForeverFamily. Adoption of children from foster care who are in their teen years is a rewarding experience. Many adoptive families view the choice to adopt an older child from foster care as a family mission that strengthens their family and their communities. When a child in the foster care system, leaves the foster care system because they have become an adult it is referred to as aging out of foster care.  Statistics that describe the number of children who age out of foster care and end up homeless or in prison are heart breaking. Children who are adopted from foster care, regardless of their age, go on to live more successful, productive, and fulfilling lives than do children who leave foster care because they become adults and age out.

Despite misconceptions, children do not enter foster care because they are bad or due to their misbehavior.  Children do enter foster care because their communities are unable or unwilling to keep them safe from abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation.  Too frequently children get stuck in the foster care system and bounce from one foster home to another during their time in care.  There is an immediate, emergent need for adults and families to choose to open their hearts and their homes to care for their communities children by becoming licensed foster parents or by adopting children from foster care.

Please join CK Family Services in honoring the Hines family’s choice to finalize the adoption of an older child, Kristian. Kristian spent seven (7) years in the Texas foster care system before being adopted by the Hines family earlier this year.  The act of adoption blesses all of those involved.  Our children and our communities depend on people like the Hines.  Won’t you choose to make your community stronger today? 

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