Treatment Foster Care

Some of our State’s most vulnerable children are in Residential Treatment Centers and Psychiatric Hospitals and not because those are the most appropriate places for them. These institutions are not equipped to help these children achieve emotional and behavioral stability, heal from their trauma, and move towards permanency.

Is there something we can do about it?

Our Treatment Foster Care (TFC) program equips parents to provide the care and high levels of nurture and structure children need in a family home environment. Children can come to amazing levels of healing when their needs are met by creative, consistent, and committed caregivers.

Using a combination of evidence-based interventions, best-practice guidelines, and common-sense parenting; TFC is a highly effective, least-restrictive placement and treatment alternative for children who are traditionally referred for placement in Residential Treatment Centers or Psychiatric Hospitals.

TFC gives children the opportunity to heal and grow by equipping them with skills and tools necessary to manage the impact of their histories and circumstances while equipping you to meet their emotional and behavioral needs. What children in the TFC program need are parents who will consistently meet those needs no matter how challenging the behaviors they encounter.

TFC differs from our traditional foster care program through its team approach, most notably in the experience, education, and training of our TFC staff.

Our TFC program starts with Professional Foster Parents who receive additional training and support beyond what is typical of traditional foster care. As a Professional Foster Parent, you will make a commitment to be creative and available to the children placed in their home.

Similarly, our TFC staff must meet a higher level of qualification, participate in additional training modules, and are required to continuously seek opportunities to expand their skill sets and expertise.

Unlike traditional foster care, where we could place multiple children in your home, TFC is limited to one or possibly two children at a time. By limiting the number of placements in your home, we are able to focus on the specific emotional and behavioral needs of your child.

This allows them time to develop socially acceptable and skills, and as the child develops these skills, and demonstrates the ability to effectively interact in positive ways with peers, the Treatment Team will work toward integrating the child back into traditional foster care or finding permanency for them.

It is important to remember that there are no foster to adopt placements in TFC and we can’t do it without your help.

We Need Professional Foster Parents

There is a desperate need for foster parents to work with high-needs kids in Texas. These kids have experienced multiple changes in placements and have likely been in Residential Treatment Centers or Psychiatric Hospitals.

Are you equipped and called to serve kids with challenging circumstances? Do you believe like we do, that profound levels of healing are possible? If so, then maybe it is time for you to consider becoming a Professional Foster Parent.


We are currently accepting applications for Professional Foster Parents who want to join our TFC team. Teams consist of Professional Foster Parents, Case Manager, Clinical Support Specialist, Therapist, and other specialists.

The goal of each TFC team is to promote stability and permanence in the life of children who have challenging behaviors and have had multiple placements.

Professional Foster Parents are an essential part of the Treatment Team. You provide the child with a safe home, where you can meet their physical and emotional needs.

Professional Foster Parents work in the Treatment Team to develop and implement interventions and make decisions in the best interest of their child.

Qualified families must have at least one parent who has a flexible schedule and will be available to participate in daily meetings (telephone, email, face-to-face) as the key member of the Treatment Team.

Families must meet State Minimum Standards including participating in initial and ongoing training, initial inspection and maintenance of their physical property and maintain the consistent ability to provide all necessary transportation for the child in their care.

We provide Professional Foster Parents with financial support to assist in maintaining one flexible parent and to ensure availability of funds to implement plans and meet the child’s needs.  We provide the Treatment Team with initial and ongoing training specific to enhancing the skills and abilities of each team to meet the unique needs of the child placed in the Team’s care.

We Need Treatment Relief Parents

As part of our TFC program, we are recruiting caregivers to join our Professional Foster Parents as Treatment Relief Parents. Treatment Relief Parents provide temporary relief (respite) services for TFC Families.

Relief parents will provide families (and the children in their care) with a temporary break to promote stability in the home and enhance the success of the treatment program. Our hope is that Relief parents will become a natural part of a family’s support system.

Relief services include providing children and teens with a place to stay, transportation to school and other appointments as indicated on the child’s service plan, and generally ensuring safety and well-being.

Relief care usually occurs over weekends; however, the need for relief care may also include weekdays. Relief care can range from one night up to fourteen consecutive nights, but most relief care will be less than seven consecutive nights.

Treatment Relief Parents must be licensed Foster Parents prior to providing treatment relief services. They can be adult individuals or adult couples with or without children in their home. Our TFC program provides initial and ongoing training, conducts necessary home studies, and performs monitoring activities to help Treatment Relief Parents maintain their foster care license and eligibility to provide treatment relief services.

We reimburse Treatment Relief Parents at the rate of $90 per day for each day that a child is placed in their home. As licensed foster parents, Treatment Relief Parents may be allowed to accept their own foster placement in addition to providing Treatment Relief Services on a case by case basis.

Interested?  Email us at or give us a call at 817-516-9100.