Become A CK Family

We are excited that you have decided or are considering becoming a foster parent through CK Family Services. There is a continuous and ongoing need for additional adoptive and foster families to care for children in our foster care system. Below is a list of the six steps you will take on your journey to become a CK Foster Family.

Step 1: Contact CK Family Services

Give us a call at 817-516-9100 or submit the form below!

Connect with our staff by tapping the button below and completing a convenient online inquiry form.  If you prefer, give us a call (817-516-9100). We are happy to answer your questions and help you get started on the journey of becoming a foster, adoptive or professional parent with CK.

FA Inquiry Form v2021
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Step 2: Online Information Meeting

Our team will help you as you take off on this new journey. We encourage you to attend a CK Family Services Information Meeting as a first step.  The button below will navigate you to a page where you can register for the next meeting!

Step 3: Complete & Submit an Application

Please contact our Family Development Team to request and complete our application forms.  You can reach us at

Step 4: Pre-Service Training & Documentation Packet

An experienced Family Development Specialist and their Family Development Assistant will support your family as you work through this step. They will assist you in registering to participate in a series of classes that we created to prepare you to be a CK Family. They are also available to help you as you work to complete and submit the CK Documentation Packet.

Step 5: Homestudy

Once you’ve completed most of the training and paperwork, one of our assessment professionals will schedule a day to come to your home to meet face to face with your family and complete your Homestudy interviews. We will interview all household members ages 3 and older individually, all family members (including children) as a family unit, and finally married couples will be interviewed together as a couple. We’ll compile all of your information into an extensive report that will be a great reflection on your family’s interests, personalities, skills, abilities and goals. This document will be your homestudy and will be used for a variety of purposes including making matches between your family and children in need of a home.

Step 6: Verification and Licensure

When all of the steps have been successfully completed, we will verify your family as a CK Family. A CK Family Services Case Manager will be assigned to support your family. They will walk alongside your family so long as you remain a CK Family and will function as your primary contact with CK Family Services. At this time we will begin the process of seeking to match children who are in need of a home with family environment that you are able to provide.

Give us a call at 817-516-9100 or submit the form above!

You will connect with one of our experienced Family Recruiters who will be happy to answer your questions.