Foster Care Crisis in Texas

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Foster Care Crisis in Texas

And What Do We Know About It so Far?

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Can you imagine spending even one night in a state office alone, scared, and helpless? Now imagine how a child would feel in the same situation. The state of Texas is facing one of the worst foster care crises in history as more than 200 children are forced to spend multiple nights in cold and lonely government offices. We at CK Family Services are striving to find such kids forever homes where they can thrive and become functioning members of the community. Learn more about what we know about this crisis and contact us today.

A Capacity Crisis

Did you know that more than 250 kids slept in government offices for consecutive nights in March of 2021? As the number of children in the foster care system increases, the state of Texas is on the road to facing one of the worst capacity crises in history. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has found that the number of children facing homelessness significantly increased after the pandemic.

Type of Children Most Affected

Data shows that most teens with social and behavioral issues struggle with finding a forever home. These children require placements in residential living or special treatment facilities. Because of their traumatic backgrounds, these children require a highly supportive system that includes a combination of residential centers, psychiatric care, and foster or adoptive homes.

Tackling the Crisis With Fewer Removals

Experts believe that there are multiple ways to tackle the crisis at hand. For example, re-evaluating the cases of children removed from their primary homes and perhaps providing extra resources to prevent removal. By increasing resource allocation, the state can essentially reduce the number of homeless children. Rather than moving the child into a broken system, the state must tackle the problem at the root level: the primary home setting.

Ensuring Proper Funding

It is believed that the foster care system crisis is more than just about a lack of beds. It is also about the dearth of adequate funding. Many child care professionals are overworked yet underpaid. Additionally, the understaffing of service centers makes it practically impossible to care for children with special needs.

The foster care crisis is real and devastating, especially for special needs children. Whether it is a lack of beds or inadequate funding, the system is letting down a whole generation of children. At CK Family Services in Texas, we believe in equity for all children. Whether you want to learn more about our services or talk about the crisis at hand, give us a call!

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