4 Commons Myths About Foster Care

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4 Commons Myths About Foster Care

Debunk the Myths and Connect With the Truth

Let us walk you through the foster care process!

Intend to be a foster-care parent but not sure whether you would fit in or not? Foster care’s primary goal is to give these children a secure, healthy, and loving family environment when they are in need. Discredit the common myths about foster care with us at CK Family Services

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Foster Children Are Referred to as “Faulty Products.”

The big myth that children who have experienced trauma and abuse are permanently “broken” is hurtful and untrue. While all types of trauma can have a long-term effect, doctors now know that they don’t have to. 

Children, in particular, have proved to be highly resistant to psychological trauma, according to extensive behavioral research.

Becoming a Foster Parents Means Side-lining Your Children

In reality, many parents observe their children grow less greedy, more adaptable, and excited to share. The new sibling relationship will inevitably feel natural, and the kids will acclimate to the “new normal.”

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If a Youngster Has Been Sexually Molested, They Might Abuse Other Children.

In truth, research reveals that while most perpetrators of sexual abuse have been sexually assaulted, they account for fewer than 10% of the overall population of rape victims. In addition, over 90% of sexually assaulted children do not go on to “repeat the loop.”

An Older Child Would’ve Suffered More!

Getting to know the youngster in your house on a human level is far more essential than attempting to “decode” the amount of “harm that has been done.” Understanding is the key, and it has no time limit or requirement for measuring previous abuse to anticipate future abuse.

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Be a kind human. Get in touch with us and help children that require your love. Remember! Being a foster parent is not hard.

Let us walk you through the foster care process!