Interdependence: Part 4 of the Four Tenets of Healthy Relationships

Interdependence: Part 4 of the Four Tenets of Healthy Relationships

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Thank you for joining us! Welcome to another episode of Foster Family Matters with your hosts Shawn Wilson, Ryan North and Lori Fangue, LPC. If you don’t already know, we are a foster care, adoption and behavior health non-profit in North Texas.

What Are We Chatting About Today?

Today’s episode is part 4 of our 5-part series, The Four Tenets of Health Relationships.   There are four tenants; giving nurture, receiving nurture, negotiating wants and needs and being interdependent. We will dive into each of this during our discussions. In this episode we are looking at the important role that interdependence plays in the context of healthy relationships.

A Little Background

Jude Cassidy did some research and formulated a theory that there are four things that a secure relationship in order to be healthy and positive. Today we are specifically talking about the importance of interdependence in the context of healthy relationship.

In This Episode

  • What interdependence means
  • Losing your identity as a parent
  • Making relationships a priority
  • Quality vs quantity relationships
  • Relationships need two people
  • Raising an independent member of society

Interdependent does not mean independence. Interdependence is the notion that you must be dependent on someone in order to gain a sense of independence. In order to get to a certain level of independence, we will have to rely on others and allow others to help us.

It’s common to take on whatever we spend most of our time doing. We aren’t just a spouse, a parent or our job. Part of your identity are made up of different things. Not one of those things is the totality of your identity. What is your identity?

You must honor who you are to be present for others. Do you feel comfortable doing things by yourself? Do you end one intimate relationship and jump to the next one without taking time for reflection and self-care? Do you need someone else to make you feel worthy? If so, it may be time to evaluate your independence.

Interdependence is the healthy version of independence. We were made to take care of each other and be in relationship with others. There’s a line between independence and isolation. We weren’t created for isolation.


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